Types of Data Management Services

//Types of Data Management Services

Types of Data Management Services

Data is crucial to making important business decisions for any organisation. Data management is the process of collecting, storing, organising, analysing and protecting data. This has become essential to make the vast quantity of data sensible, accessible and usable for organisations. Advanced data management software available today also helps with better optimisation of data that contributes to effective decision-making.

Types of data management services:

Data cleansing:
Data cleansing involves the process of refining data to remove duplicates and inaccuracies. This is essential to ensure that the data is up-to-date and error-free.

Data processing:
Besides storing and filtering information, editing the data to make it fulfil a specific purpose is an operation involved in the data processing. Data processing also helps in analysing the data stored for later use.

Data classification:
Organising data under their respective attributes is the operation involved in data classification. Neglecting this may lead to difficulty in access to relevant data.

Data conversion:
As the name suggests, this process involves converting data from one format to another. For example, there may be a requirement to convert data from an open word file to a secured pdf file.

Data capturing and entering:
This operation involves gathering data from various sources relevant to the business, like articles, e-magazines, forums, and many more. Once captured, data entry services are actioned, and the data is stored for later use in the various research agendas of the company.

Email processing:
This operation involves going through every email that arrives, understanding the content, and classifying and segregating them according to the order of priority for the respective offices to respond.

Database updation:
Just acquiring and storing data every day is of minimal use. It is vital to ensure that the information in the database remains updated. This is essential to make the analysis of the same reliable for decision making.

Database migration:
Database migration services involve the process of moving data from one location to another, from one application to another, or from one storage system to another. For example, database migration is executed when businesses wish to move from on-premise infrastructure to cloud storage.

Data mining:
This process involves uncovering hidden information from various sources. Thus collected data is analysed and recorded for further use. Gathering information to understand the scope for improving the performance of a product or service is one application of the same.

Data sequencing:
This operation involves the numbering of the files to ensure that the data is organised in the correct sequence. Keeping track of document sequences will help the business with better data accessibility and give it an enhanced professional look.

Catalogue data entering:
This operation involves encoding product details like name, type, specifications, and codes. The process involves keen attention to detail as even minor mistakes can’t be tolerated in the same.

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