About Prozus Inc.

Our Journey

Founded in 2016 by Siva Sam, Prozus Inc. embarked on a mission to fill a critical gap in the industry – access to reliable and affordable engineering support, drafting and document control services. Our inception was driven by a simple yet powerful concept of delivering high-quality work, on time and on budget.

Bridging the Gap with Blended Services

In a market split between local, expensive resources and wholly offshore companies struggling with communication barriers and time differences, Prozus Inc. pioneered a blended model. This innovative approach combines the best of both worlds - the reliability and understanding of onshore resources with the cost-effectiveness and flexibility of offshore capabilities.

Our Mission and Goal

Our mission is to deliver maximum value to our client’s projects and operations. We achieve this through dependable, efficient, cost-effective, and scalable solutions in engineering, drafting, document control, and technical support. Our goal is to be a catalyst for success in every project we undertake, ensuring our clients achieve their objectives.

What Sets Us Apart

Our blended operation model offers the perfect balance of onshore and offshore resources. Our ability to provide overnight turnaround services ensures that our client’s projects move forward without delay. Our services are designed to scale according to project demands, providing flexibility and adaptability.

At Prozus Inc., we don't just offer services; we offer solutions that make a difference. Contact us to see how we can support your next project.

Our Team



Xavier Anand is a passionate and driven leader with 18 years of immense expertise in team management, project delivery and people management.

Xavier has drive and passion, which he uses to inspire and motivate his team so that they thrive. He also uses his thoughtful interpersonal skills to develop the vision of the organization. He has his heart in coaching his team so that each member achieves their highest potential, both personally and professionally.


President & Business Development

Siva Sam, with over 10 years of experience supporting Oil and Gas clients in the Western Canadian market, is responsible for business development at Prozus. His experience includes working with numerous major Oil and Gas producers as well as a wide range of Oil and Gas service companies providing engineering, fabrication and construction-related services.

Siva Sam has an M.Sc. in Environmental Science from Memorial University of Newfoundland and an MBA from the University of Calgary.

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Prozus Inc. provides engineering support services to manufacturers across Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan in Canada, as well as in Texas, USA.