High-Quality Engineering Support Services for Industrial Projects

At Prozus Inc., we specialize in offering engineering support services tailored to the dynamic needs of various industrial projects.

Our expertise lies in delivering comprehensive engineering design and drafting services, ensuring precision and innovation in every aspect of your project. We also offer an advanced engineering document management system to enhance efficiency and accuracy in project documentation and workflow management. Contact us to explore how we can contribute to the success of your next project.

Streamlined Process Design for Optimal Performance

By developing comprehensive process flow diagrams, heat and material balances, and precise equipment sizing, we ensure a seamless transition from an idea to a fully functional system. This attention to detail guarantees that your operations are efficient and aligned with your strategic objectives.

Advanced Process Simulation for Informed Decision Making

Embrace the power of cutting-edge simulation tools. We model and test various process scenarios, allowing you to explore different operational possibilities. This approach minimizes risks and paves the way for enhanced process efficiency.

Ensuring Process Safety: Our Top Priority

We offer process safety consulting services that focus on identifying potential hazards and implementing adequate safeguards. This commitment to safety ensures your project meets and exceeds the highest standards, safeguarding your operations, employees, and the environment.

Continual Process Optimization for Peak Efficiency

Our approach to process optimization involves rigorous data analysis and performance monitoring. By identifying and implementing improvements, we help you achieve more efficient operations, reduce costs, and enhance productivity.


Engineering Support

We provide comprehensive engineering support, from concept to detailed design, including process flow diagrams and equipment sizing. Our advanced process simulation tools enable informed decision-making and efficiency. Emphasizing safety, we consult to identify and mitigate hazards, focussing on process optimization to enhance operations, reduce costs, and boost productivity.

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Our drafting services cover multiple engineering disciplines, ensuring precision and clarity in design and planning. Our expertise ranges from creating detailed 2D drawings to advanced 3D modeling for process equipment, mechanical components, structural analysis, and piping systems. These services are designed to provide a complete, accurate visualization of projects, aiding in efficient planning, construction, and operation.

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Document Control

We specialize in document control for the oil and gas sector, ensuring precision, compliance, and timely access to information. Our services include advanced document management systems for effective organization and retrieval, streamlined document review and approval processes for quality assurance, and stringent revision control for up-to-date information management.

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Prozus Inc. provides engineering support services to clients across Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan in Canada, as well as in Texas, USA.