Document Control


Document Control Prozus offers on-site as well as off-site document control services to small, medium and major projects. Our team understands the importance of controlled documents and their impact on business during project and operations life cycles. Hence we have put together an offering where you could completely outsource the document control function [...]

As-Building Services


As-Building Services It is quintessential from a regulatory perspective for companies to have their key facilities and pipeline drawings up-to-date. Not having the up-to-date drawings could have more risk exposure and potentially lead to higher penalties. We offer As-Built drawing update services with either us doing the field walk through updating the drawings [...]

Structural and Miscellaneous Steel Detailing


Structural and Miscellaneous Steel Detailing Accurate detailing for structural steel projects is pivotal to the success of those projects. Our drafting team understands the importance of this, and work closely with clients to ascertain and fulfill needs specific to their project. Prozus team also understands the timeliness involved in generating these detailed drawings. [...]

Pipe Fabrication Drafting


Pipe Fabrication Drafting Prozus offers fabrication drafting and designing for any pipeline fabrication and construction projects. Our team is capable of generating 3D piping models as well as generate isometric and spool drawings from existing models using programs like isogen, spoolgen or Acorn output from programs like SmartPlant, CADWorx, SolidWorks, AutoCAD Plant 3D etc.  [...]

Branding Harmony


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