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Document Control is all about the details – keeping your documents organized, secure, and easy to find. With Prozus, you can relax knowing your document control has been handled right.

Whether you have a brand-new document control system, want to update your current document control system, or want help with your (annual) document review: Prozus can do it all.

Document Control at Prozus breaks down into document, security, standardization, indexing, analysis, review, identification, and recovery. Below is a breakdown of what each of these services entails – we can do some or all of them.

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Turnover Package/Support

We provide complete document control support when the project team submits the documents to the operations team. We separate the documents as per the discipline, department, plant code, area, and revision. This makes project execution easy for the operations team.

Merger or Divestiture Support

During a merger or divestiture situation, there are a lot of documents exchanging hands. There is a surge in need for document control support and we can help overcome the surge with our services. Our team is understanding and scales to meet tighter timelines.

Document Control Placement / Secondment

We provide document control resources for short- and long-term secondment. This is an effective way to extend your team depending upon requirements raising from a cyclical need or unforeseen situation.

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