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About Prozus

We, at Prozus, are focused on providing design and drafting services to construction, fabrication, manufacturing, operating and engineering companies. We understand that these services can be very cyclical – triggered by a multitude of events like a major project, merger or acquisition, divestiture, etc. and we would fit in with your existing team, assisting them in successfully working through these work surges. Another value proposition that we offer to you, is to outsource the drafting function, so you can focus on your core business while keeping your business overheads down. We will work with you in building a unique drafting process, where our team would seamlessly integrate with yours.

We take pride in our quality and timeliness of delivery – we have built a set of internal processes and procedures that ensure our deliverables come with the highest quality and are delivered in a timely manner. We will also work with you in tweaking our processes to meet your specific drafting needs.

Our key focuses are:

  • supporting Construction and Fabrication businesses with their design and drafting requirements
  • supporting Product Manufacturing businesses with their design and drafting requirements
  • supporting Oil and Gas producers with their Facilities drawings management team(s)
  • supporting Engineering companies with overflow drafting services

Our Team

Siva Sam
Siva SamPresident
Siva Sam, with over 10 years of experience supporting Oil and Gas clients in the Western Canadian market, is responsible for business development at Prozus. His experience includes working with numerous major Oil and Gas producers as well as a wide range of Oil and Gas service companies providing engineering, fabrication and construction related services.

Siva Sam has an M.Sc. in Environmental Science from Memorial University of Newfoundland and an MBA from the University of Calgary.

Xavier Anand
Xavier Anand Vice President of Delivery
Xavier Anand is the Vice President of Delivery who manages the delivery team. He is responsible for hiring, training and management of the production team. Xavier has more than 15 years of managing teams that deliver drafting and document control projects to clients spanning from oil and gas to commercial and industrial construction projects.

Xavier manages all the multi-disciplinary teams and ensures our clients get their deliverables with quality and on a timeline agreed with our clients.

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