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Quick Turnaround Times

Our distinctive combination of onshore expertise and offshore efficiency guarantees that your engineering requirements are fulfilled promptly, maintaining the highest quality standards. Our round-the-clock offshore team and overnight services significantly reduce engineering time, ensuring your project milestones are achieved more swiftly than ever.

The biggest advantage of using Prozus services is their quality overnight drafting services. It has cut our engineering time by half!

Engineering Manager of a Package Fabricator

Assured Quality Control

Trust in our dual-layer quality assurance. Our onshore team checks and oversees the offshore team's output, guaranteeing high-quality deliverables. This system ensures that every aspect of your project meets the highest standards.

Your team is an integral extension of our in-house team. Finding and working with your team was one of the biggest achievements in the past decade!

Engineering Advisor of a Major Turnkey Solution Provider

Scalable and Cost-Effective

Experience superior quality services at competitive prices. Our blended model of onshore quality control and offshore efficiency results in cost savings for your projects. Our team's scalable nature allows for flexible adaptation to various project sizes, seamlessly integrating with your in-house operations.

Prozus has always worked with us to meet aggressive timelines set by our clients. Their flexibility and willingness to work is commendable!

Director of Engineering of a medium size EPC

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Prozus Inc. provides engineering support services to clients across Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan in Canada, as well as in Texas, USA.