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It may be surprising to understand how the architect’s design crafted after a thorough analysis, measurement, and planning undergoes variations during the final execution. People assume that a fabrication drawing will be executed as such during the implementation. While the purpose of the fabrication drawing stands true to this assumption, one cannot rule out the practical difficulties, change in requirements, and lack of facilities that may demand variations in the concluded design. This is where the crucial importance of as-built drawings comes into play. They serve as a record of the executed design and play a vital role in giving the final shape to the project.

Who creates as-built drawings?

Unlike spool, fabrication, and ISO drawings that the project architect and designer exclusively do, as-built drawings are done by the project architect and designer in collaboration with the contractor. During construction, the contractor will mark changes in different colour codes in the original drawings. The final as-built drawing is created with these changes incorporated.

Data included in as-built drawings:

  • Dates of modification
  • Detailed notes of the modification
  • Changes in the material requirements
  • Obstructions encountered and solutions provided
  • Changes made in response to inspections
  • Work done beyond the scope of the project
  • Accurate final dimensions
  • Changes in the design
    Supporting documents endorsing the changes

Importance of as-built drawings:

Improves onboarding

The as-built drawings help the subcontractors who are inducted as and when required to gain quick access to the required information. This allows them to analyse better where the project stands and helps kickstart the work without further delay.

Faster problem solving

The 3D modelling services that can be availed of as a part of the as-built drawing services provide a complete record of changes in the structure built. This helps the facilities team understand and resolve issues faster and save time and money due to the improved speed of operations.

Streamlining of permissions

Governments often demand as-built drawings to grant building permissions. So, with the right as-built drawings, the permission process can be streamlined hassle-free.

Improved renovation process

When the stakeholders can access the complete history of the construction, they can plan the renovation process better when the need arises. The need to spend on learning about the existing conditions is ruled out.

Better assessment

Since the as-built drawings provide precise details about the changes performed in any project stage, it becomes easier to assess the upcoming steps and notice complications in advance.

Ease in buying and selling

Since as-built drawings provide a clear idea about the design of the structure or building, the buying and selling process becomes much more manageable. The as-built drawings offer excellent clarity and serve as a simple testament of what is being sold or purchased.

Record keeping

While the general arrangement drawings, spool drawings, and fabrication drawings play a vital role in assisting in the construction process right from before its commencement, the as-built drawings serve as a digital record of the asset post-completion. It serves as a guiding document in the renovation process when the need arises.

Prozus offers end-to-end drafting services and as-built drawings by conducting a thorough site analysis before and after the construction or installation. Having gained years of experience in providing top-notch drafting and design services with zero errors, our as-built drawings are delivered to the exact requirements of our clients. If you are looking for accurate as-built drawing services, we are the right choice, and our previous work speaks volumes about our credibility in providing high-quality services.

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