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Data migration services involve moving data from one place to another, usually from a source platform to another database. This can be done for many reasons, including but not limited to saving costs, enhancing reliability, achieving scalability, improving access, satisfying varied business needs, and many more. While they are crucial in the life journey of an enterprise, the process involves a lot of complexities.

Challenges in database migration:

Unorganised data

When data entry services are done from scratch, there are chances of creating multiple versions of the same data. Duplicates and incomplete data sets are the most commonly witnessed errors. Before moving to a new database management system, this data must be cleaned and reorganised.

Data loss

One of the biggest fears during data migration is the loss of data. It is scary to lose data that is quintessential in the decision-making processes of the enterprise. The best way to avoid this is to have a backup of the whole file and perform metadata capture of each document before kickstarting the data migration procedure.

Improper data formatting

Before starting with data migration, the compatibility of the backup and original files need to be checked. This is as important as the transfer itself because the preferred formats may have been different during the digitization of drawings and data. If the files aren’t compatible with the new database, they may end up with errors and difficulty accessing data from the new system.

Unclear requirements

Not understanding the business stakeholders’ exact requirements may result in misunderstandings and miscommunication between the data migration team and the stakeholders. To avoid this, it is crucial to have a clear requirement document with all essential requisites and instructions to keep in mind when moving ahead with the data migration process.

Lack of data governance

Without a data governance plan, there may be issues related to data security and quality. Therefore a data governance plan outlining the roles and responsibilities of the data migration team should be in place, covering the standards of data quality and procedures to ensure data security before the migration process starts.

Data mapping

Data mapping is planning the new position of data in the new platform to which the data will be shifted from the old one. This can be a complex process and will require collaboration from the enterprise to share their priorities as per their improvised workflow preferences.

Importing data

This is the process of moving the data from the old platform to the new one. While accessing data from the new platform means a better interface, enhanced capabilities, and better data organisation, all these and more can be achieved only if the importing process is done perfectly. This may also mean importing a table of information one at a time to achieve better accuracy in search results.

At Prozus, we understand the seriousness of all these challenges and more, and we have a streamlined process that efficiently encounters them. Having been providing data migration services for over a decade, we know the importance of having sorted all this in advance and moving through them seamlessly to work on the migration process. This is why we have succeeded as an industry winner in data management and drafting services.

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