Importance Of Labour Take-offs


Bill of materials, material take-off, and labour take-off are core components of any construction cost estimation process of a project, be it big or small. At Prozus, we understand that the very purpose of drafting material and labour take-offs is to provide detailed information on the list of materials and labour along with the estimated costs. This is crucial for the successful execution of the project. The take-off documents help the stakeholders gather a fair idea of the resources required and calculate the total project cost, considering the possible fluctuations involved.

Material and labour take-offs are an extended part of the engineering drafting services and are usually handled by the same team for better connection, continuation, and clarity. Labour and material take-offs may sound like a simple process of detailing the specifics and costs, but drafting them accurately is quite a complex task. The complexity of the take-off process is directly related to the complexity of the project and the type of process involved in working out the same. Since these documents are the ones that will be relied on for assessing and ordering the appropriate labour and material quantities, the accuracy of the same is highly critical.

The process of creation of material and labour take-off:

The first element of a material or labour take-off is the specifics. Depending on the size of the project, the material and labour list can be short or long. The information required to assess the same is pulled from the blueprints, project plans, and architectural or fabrication drawings. Consultation with the design engineer or architect may also be required for appropriate assessment. Each material mentioned in the take-off document should have detailed specifications about the specific model, weight, length, and count required. Similarly, the labourer list should also have the detailed count and type of labour needed to manage different tasks.

The second element of labour and material take-off is cost estimation. Depending on the list in the bill of materials and the description of specifics in the material and labour take-off documents, the cost for each material and labour is considered. This estimated individual cost is applied to the total count of the material and labour mentioned, and the total cost estimation of the project is arrived at. However, this process is not as direct and simple as it sounds. The one involved in this estimation should be aware of the trends that affect the material and labour prices and apply the understanding and calculations with good judgement and critical thinking.

Prozus’s entire material and labour take-off creation process is digitised, streamlined, and automated. By relying on a cost estimation database, we give no way for errors. This helps us provide better accurate outputs in quicker turnaround times at competitive prices.

Why outsource take-off services?

Preparation of material and labour take-off is a time-consuming job that requires ample experience and expertise, especially when handling large-scale projects. Hence, outsourcing such tasks to professionally dedicated companies like ours can help you save time, cost, and reputation. At Prozus, our primary goal is to work as an extension of your team and help you keep up your project goals and deadlines without compromising on the quality of the output. We have a proficient team of experts capable of accurate estimates for complex, large-scale construction projects. So, reach out to us with your take-off needs and stay rest assured, continuing to focus on your business goals!

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