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Our History

Prozus was started in 2016, when we saw a gap in the industry for a compelling hybrid model. At the time, there were either high-priced local companies with great timely customer service, or offshore companies that were low cost and fast but with poor customer service. We saw a need in the market for a hybrid of the two, and thus, Prozus was born. With our model we strive to bring the best of both worlds; cost saving and time management by doing the heavy lifting offshore and serving our customers with the local and effective quality that they are familiar with in our Calgary office.” In short, we give our customers offshore prices with onshore quality and service.

Prozus has grown into what it is today by building relationships with our customers. We’re not just doing a service, we are your partners in success. We keep constant communication and make sure we are always up to the strict standard we set. Over the years Prozus has built a prominent position in the oil and gas industry – we serve energy producers, pipeline manufacturers, and engineering firms to name a few. We have taken on a variety of challenges in the drafting, data and document management spaces and have the experience to handle any challenge to hit us next.

Our history is just the start of what we will become. We constantly strive to bring the best value to our customers, continuing to grow day by day.

Our Team

Xavier Anand
Xavier Anand CEO
Xavier Anand is a passionate and driven leader with 18 years of immense expertise in team management, project delivery and people management.

Xavier has drive and passion, which he uses to inspire and motivate his team so that they thrive. He also uses his thoughtful interpersonal skills to develop the vision of the organization. He has his heart in coaching his team so that each member achieves their highest potential, both personally and professionally.

He has rich experience in human resource, legal, financial and operational domains. He is able to keep his calm and focus even in the midst of stress and strict deadlines.

Xavier has shown exceptional skills when it comes to customer service.
Xavier is a pillar of strength, compassion, and guidance for the organization and its people.

Sureshbabu Rangasamy
Sureshbabu Rangasamy Drafting Manager
Sureshbabu Rangasamy is a solution-focused Drafting manager and Piping designer specialized in Oil and Gas Industries with over 15 years of professional experience in Piping Design and drafting for gas plants, SAGD facilities and heavy industrial projects along with vast experience in field engineering. Sureshbabu has been involved in numerous projects at all stages of design, fabrication, and construction.
Siva Sam
Siva Sam President & Business Development
Siva Sam, with over 10 years of experience supporting Oil and Gas clients in the Western Canadian market, is responsible for business development at Prozus. His experience includes working with numerous major Oil and Gas producers as well as a wide range of Oil and Gas service companies providing engineering, fabrication and construction-related services.

Siva Sam has an M.Sc. in Environmental Science from Memorial University of Newfoundland and an MBA from the University of Calgary.

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